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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

If you dream of a Hollywood snow-white smile, then you should go through with laser whitening teeth. This is a modern method of lightening enamel, combining efficiency and absolute security. The dentist at hand has had his practice for about 20 years and, of course, enjoys a very popular place with our customers. The principle is that ions of oxygen are released from the brightening compound under the influence of a laser beam, deactivating the pigment ions on the enamel. As a result, the shade of the teeth becomes lighter by 6-9 tones.

The benefits of laser whitening

Those who are faced with the problem of yellowed tooth enamel fear that the procedure of bleaching can harm or even destroy enamel. In the case of laser exposure, such damage is avoided. After all, the main advantages of the method involve a gentle effect on the teeth. Plus much more, actually.

  • Efficiency. The yellow, grey, and brown colored spots disappear.
  • Safety provided for enamel.
  • A comfortable and painless method.
  • An instant result at the end of the procedure.
  • Reducing the intensity of the beam flux, reduces the processing time and whitening concentration.

Unlike homemade processes, using a brightening laser takes much less time. Results are achieved in one visit.

Carrying out the procedure in the clinic GDental

The reception process at the doctor of aesthetic dentistry GDental includes a preparatory stage, a whitening stage and then a final stage.

  • The doctor cleans and grinds the surface of the teeth so that the lightening is even.
  • A holder (retractor) is inserted into the mouth. It isolates cheeks and lips from contact with bleaching agent.
  • Liquid cofferdam (a polymer that hardens under exposure to a photopolymer lamp) is applied, and the eyes are protected with glasses. So neither sight, nor soft tissue will suffer.
  • A special laser whitening gel is applied to the teeth.
  • The next stage is the bleaching of the teeth according to the protocol. Each tooth is individually processed by the laser for 30 seconds. But if the special Nozzles device is used then teeth are whitened in quadrants, which greatly speeds up the process.
  • After the end of the process, the gel is thoroughly washed off and special gel for fluoridation is applied to the teeth.

The degree of clearing is individual and depends on how sensitive the teeth are to the whitening composition.

There may be unpleasant, slightly uncomfortable feelings experienced during the procedure. Feeling discomfort? The doctor will suspend the procedure and do everything needed to eliminate it. The same sensations could possibly be felt after a couple of hours. We advise you in this case to take pain medication. It is also possible to experience sensitivity to cold or hot following the procedure. But, after a couple of days, it will pass. Principles Laser bleaching, being the most modern method, lessens these drawback levels.

Duration of effect

Teeth whitening with a laser ensures the preservation of the whiteness of the teeth for several years.

The duration of the whitening effect can be extended with proper daily hygiene. With oral cavity maintenance at home and regular (semi-annual) professional hygiene in the clinic. To enhance the result, the laser whitening procedure can be repeated. It can be combined with home bleaching.

All of the recommendations from doctors of the company GDental will be briefed to you in detail.