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Cosmetic dental dentistry

Cosmetic services

A beautiful smile is one of the indicators of the success of a modern person.

Cosmetic dentistry offers men and women of any age and status many opportunities to gain the smile which they always dreamed of. Consider Cosmetic Dentistry GDental at Pembroke Pines, FL – with its advanced, effective and safe methods. It is within our power to transform your appearance by improving your teeth and smile.

In the department of cosmetic dentistry, specialists use techniques considering all functional and cosmetic parameters. This allows us to see the final result in advance. There is a list created of cosmetic aspects that serves as benchmarks for diagnosis, treatment planning and various other procedures. Our Center plan treatment is developed with the participation of various dental specialists profiles. The most popular solutions for cosmetic dentistry are veneers and lumineers on the teeth. The price of these services consists of several factors.

In our work, we take into account the following parameters:

  • Keeping symmetry: the upper front teeth should be properly located relative to the middle of the face. Landmarks serve as the centers, such as the base of the nose, the tip of the nose, the groove of the upper lip, the area between the frontal incisors of the upper jaw, the top of the chin;
  • Pupil line: in cases where the patient's eyes are at different levels, this helps in the creation of an imaginary line, which is perpendicular to the median face lines;
  • Corners of the mouth: with age, asymmetry of the corners of the mouth can be observed. Our dentists are planning the treatment needed to adjust this disadvantage;
  • Facial plane: most often, the position of the upper anterior teeth are determined by the lower lip, which often repeats its curvature. Therefore, the first treatment is carried out on the upper jaw, then on the lower jaw;
  • Lower lip line: the upper front teeth should follow the line of the lower lip while smiling and pronouncing the sound “and”;
  • Face profile: when forming a smile, you must take into account the point of transition of convexity to concavity at the base of the nose, so that the profile of the face looks harmonious due to adequate lip support with the teeth;
  • Height of the lower third of the face: the vertical height of the lower third of the face significantly affects its appearance in all projections. Our specialists take this fact into account during prosthetics and bite correction;
  • Diction: we take into account the phonetic characteristics that depend on the height of the line of closing and opening of the teeth in the process of pronunciation. With modelling new smiles we carry out special tests that allow control the patient's diction;
  • Proportions of the face and teeth: the height of the incisors should be proportionally formed in the facial section of the skeleton of the patient in his/her growth;
  • Teeth width: the golden ratio suggests an cosmetic value height and width of teeth - 100:80;
  • Contact surfaces: contact points between the front teeth of the upper jaw should rise symmetrically from the center to the side;
  • Axis of teeth: cosmetics in dentistry requires that all angles of the natural the tilts of the teeth are symmetrical;
  • Teeth color: teeth which are too white are not suitable for everyone. When making restorations, the specialist focuses on the natural color of the teeth and color type of people (cold-warm, blond-brunet);
  • Smile line: you should consider the harmony of your teeth and gums when smiling. At a normal gingival zenith it is not too noticeable: it outlines the crown part, and the upper lip follows its contour. If a smile’s upper lip rises too high, exposing ½ of the root system of the teeth covered pink gum, and only the partly coronal part of the teeth, then it’s about "gummy smile." In our Center you can completely get rid of this shortcoming.

Cosmetic dentistry is not only aimed at giving beauty to the teeth, it necessarily involves healing and strengthening as a foundation "Bones" of the teeth, and enamel. For example, the cost of installing veneers includes yourself a preliminary examination of the dentition for the presence of caries, hidden cavities and pathology of root canals. The protocol is necessary to prevent the development of secondary caries under veneers or crowns, as well as to prevent the development of chronic lesion infections in root canals. Depending on whether veneers are installed or Lumineers for teeth price may vary.

During the restoration work, our specialists pay attention to the harmony of the smile line and the closure of the teeth, to recreate the correct anatomical shape of the teeth, taking into account the shape of the facial skeleton and all the above parameters. This has a beneficial effect on all body systems in general.

Cosmetic Dentistry GDental

  • Complete cosmetic teeth transformation with the installation of veneers. The prices of these services are formed by taking into account individual features;
  • The restoration of functional and cosmetic parameters of teeth: the elimination of interdental spaces, chipped crown enamel, irregularities, staining of enamel after canal filling, etc.;
  • Restoration of damaged teeth with the use of composite materials;
  • Correction of bite with cosmetic restorations;
  • Correction of tooth shape;
  • Strengthening and changing the shape of enamel;
  • Cosmetic correction of the gingival margin;
  • Restoration of the natural color of teeth using regular professional oral hygiene;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • The use of solely high-quality materials;
  • A comfortable and pleasant stay in the dental office, in which the time of the treatment passes unnoticed;
  • Absolutely painless conduct of all dental manipulations;
  • Guarantee of work performed (depends on compliance with the entire protocol in cosmetic dentistry).

We have accumulated a vast experience in the field of teeth restoration and the functions of the dental system. We see how our patients are transformed: our treatment has a positive effect on their appearance, youthfulness of their faces and general health.

By signing up for an appointment with our dentist, you can consult about possible methods of restoring the cosmetics of the face as a whole, including all stages of cosmetic transformation. Our reasonable approach to treatment is the key to your health and beauty for many years.