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gdental team
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From day one, you would find uniqueness in experiencing the care and services. It’s been served and managed by the award-winning dentists in a family-friendly environment covering all arrays of dental problems with the most sophisticated technologies at a reasonable cost you can trust.

The Dentists, Technicians, Hygienists and Assistants combinedly integrated under a professional team-frame to design the effective dental plan you need and therefore give you a complete dental solution for relieving your worries and concerns.

The team believes that complex dental issues should be addressed through an appropriate dental screening and there for the needed treatment support, since the patients deserve to smile even brighter after leaving the clinic.

If you are thinking of an accurate dental diagnosis using the latest technologies at a little to no waiting time; we can assure you that a solution and support is here. We ensure our patients receive a 100% stress-free service beyond their expectations that is why they have kept their confidence in us for a very long time.

The clinic is equipped with the best technology and accomplished experts to give you a one-stop total dental care for your healthier and brighter smile every single day.

Social Orientation

Our commitment is to sustain an everlasting relationship with the patients we serve and to extend support whenever it’s necessary. With trust, sympathy and love, we deal with the patients till we see that they are fully satisfied. The team creates a bond that let the patients smile everyday with the confidence of having a reliable support system by their side. And that lays the foundation of everlasting trust of a client-base.

We have extended services to more than one hundred thousand happy patients in USA for over 23 years. More than three thousand patients get our dedicated treatment and support each year and they speak for us to expand our opportunities on serving new patients each day. Our collaborated effort has widened up doors to provide treatment support to the people at stake in a new way through love and sincere care towards building a society free of dental worries. We make success stories each day and we make it happen through our expert professional touch of dental services. We feel your need and let you smile with confidence to represent your full potential, anywhere, at any time.

Our History

At Pembroke Pines, Florida a group of courageous young professionals under the leadership of the founder of G-Dental Dr. Igor Pasisnitchenko, joined hand-in-hand with a commitment of spreading their clinical knowledge in a new agenda to the common people through innovation, devotion and sincerity. Soon after formation in 1999, it did not take much time to spread the Distinctive features of their services.

Their team spirit won the hearts of thousands of patients and their professional expertise reached the extreme level of customer satisfaction. With the development of new technologies, the clinic equipped itself accordingly in order to provide sophisticated support to its valued patients. The team kept building an atmosphere of love, support,

dedication and care to make the patients feel like they are in the best hands. They never stepped down till they received a perfect smile from their patients in all cases. Now, we feel a total satisfaction while making you happy smiling with a complete different look.

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About Dental Office

Founded in 1999 with a promise to provide an unparallel total dental care facility for the valued customers of all ages, our G-Dental Clinic has started its journey with its highly motivated team of professionals at a noteworthy place of Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Enriched with the blessings of cutting edge technologies, the dedicated caring team would let you feel a completely satisfying experience for relieving your dental worries.

It’s all about dentistry, it’s your dental reformation-a desire for a complete natural look with a healthy dental history, and none the less, a satisfactory smile everyday…we assure you that you will receive all through the wide variety of services you deserve and with affordability. Our team of professional experts can offer you a wide range of complete services covering areas like:

  • 1) General Dentistry
  • 2) Cosmetic Dentistry
  • 3) Dental Implants
  • 4) Orthodontics

At our Dental Office, you will get a true satisfaction receiving a free consultation and compassionate care of our staff as well as feel comfort with the availability of modern equipment, screening varieties and treatment options.

The office duly maintains a “AAA” service for its patients through materializing a perfect uniformity of ‘Accountability’, Affordability’ and ‘Availability’.