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Understanding Dental Fillings: What to Expect at GDental

When teeth start to decay or suffer from minor damages like chips or cracks, dental fillings come to the rescue. Often, general dentists at GDental recommend dental fillings to restore the structure and function of teeth. Curious about what happens during this common procedure? Read on.

About the Procedure at GDental

Although dental fillings are a standard treatment in general dentistry, it’s essential to know what the process involves, especially if you’re anxious or unsure. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect.

The Process

At GDental, your comfort is our priority. First, the dentist will apply a numbing agent to the area surrounding the affected tooth to minimize any discomfort. Once the area is sufficiently numbed, specialized dental instruments, such as a dental drill, will be used to eliminate the decayed or damaged portions of the tooth. After this, the tooth is meticulously cleaned to make sure no harmful substances remain.

The final step involves filling the cavity with a material of your choice, which could be silver amalgam, porcelain, or other modern dental materials. This filling is crucial for preventing future problems like additional decay, infection, or structural weaknesses.

Discomfort Levels

Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, dental fillings at GDental are usually pain-free. However, you may experience some minor discomfort during or after the procedure due to the removal of decayed areas. To manage this, an appropriate numbing agent will be used. If discomfort persists, over-the-counter pain relief options may be suggested.

About Numbness

It's common for patients to experience numbness during a dental filling procedure. Although not mandatory, we at GDental highly recommend numbing to ensure your comfort. Be prepared: while numbness helps during the procedure, some find the sensation slightly unsettling afterwards. If you're anxious about this, discussing it with your GDental dentist can offer peace of mind.

Ready to Know More?

If you have any further questions or concerns about dental fillings, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact GDental today to set up a consultation and get your dental health on track.